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Sakhalin athlete entered the Russian Book of Records

19.10.2021 227 просмотров

Sakhalin got into the Russian Book of Records, having made 50 tire flips weighing 205 kg.

The Sakhalin athlete Mikhail Savinov got into the Russian Book of Records, having made 50 flips of a tire weighing 205 kg in 14 minutes 57 seconds. This was reported to journalists in the press service of the Ministry of Sports of the Sakhalin Region.

"The official document confirming the record, the Sakhalin received this week. To win, it was necessary to make 50 coups [tires] in 20 minutes, but Mikhail managed even faster ", - said the press service of the department.

According to the regional authorities, now the athlete plans to set an international record by performing 70 coups. The man also wants to enter the Guinness Book of Records next year by performing 100 flips in 25-30 minutes.

The athlete himself weighs 60 kg, but trains with three times his weight. Never misses street workouts, even in bad weather. “Initially, I did a lot on horizontal bars, then I changed direction, I wanted to develop street crossfit. Yes, it is in gyms, but it’s street that is not so popular. I wanted to do something unusual, and I decided to set a record,” leads press service of the Ministry of the word Mikhail Savinov.

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