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Russian vaccine approved in Sri Lanka

04.03.2021 140 просмотров

Sri Lanka has approved the Sputnik V vaccine for use in the country.

The pharmaceutical regulator of Sri Lanka on Thursday approved the emergency use of the Russian coronavirus vaccine Sputnik V in the country. This was reported by the Sri Lankan news portal Newsfirst, citing representatives of the regulatory body.

According to its information, Russia also agreed to provide Sri Lanka with a number of doses of the vaccine free of charge, this information was confirmed by a representative of the leadership of the pharmaceutical sector.

According to the authorities of Sri Lanka, the country plans to purchase 2 million doses of the vaccine from the American company Pfizer (Pfizer) and its German partner BioNTech (Biontek). On February 3, an order was placed for 18 million doses of the Covishield vaccine, developed by the British-Swedish company AstraZeneca (AstraZeneca) and the University of Oxford.

Previously, the Sri Lankan government announced that the vaccination would be free . Health workers and volunteers receive the vaccine from January 29< /a> who are at the forefront of the fight against the pandemic. People aged 30-60 years make up the majority of the Sri Lankan population, there are about 10% of older citizens.

In turn, the President of the country Gothabaya Rajapaksa made an inquiry to the Russian Federation regarding the possible supply of Russian vaccine "Sputnik V". In response, Russia, as the Adaderan portal reported on February 5, offered Sri Lanka to organize local production of the drug in the country.

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