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Russian tourists choose Sri Lanka

21.12.2018 58 просмотров

The number of travelers who visited the republic this year increased by 8 percent.

Budget tours are in the greatest demand, the Association of Tour Operators of Russia notes.

< /table> Previously, the authorities of Sri Lanka announced plans according to which they intend to receive 70 thousand Russians in 2018, which would block the historical result of 2014. A little less than 70,000 Russians visited the island then.

It is unlikely that the republic will be able to improve these figures. However, year-on-year growth will still be noticeable - at the level of 8-10%.

By the way, the demand for the winter season in Sri Lanka is also increasing. For some companies, ticket sales are growing by 30 percent. This is due to the fact that Aeroflot decided to transfer its five flights a week to its subsidiary Rossiya, whose fares are much lower. Experts note that more cheap offers will appear on the route.

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