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Russian humanitarian aid delivered to Syria

13.02.2021 237 просмотров

The Russian Federation sent a batch of compact power generators for social institutions to Syria.

Russian servicemen brought 80 compact gasoline power generators to Syria. Containers with them are still stored at the Khmeimim airbase, and in the future they will be distributed to social institutions experiencing a shortage of electricity, Alexander Motunovsky, a representative of the engineering troops of the RF Armed Forces in Syria, told reporters.

these boxes are gasoline units in order to illuminate the premises. Units brought 80 pieces. Each unit has a power of one kilowatt. For a rural school, for example, this is enough to fully illuminate all the premises,” Alexander Motunovsky said.

After almost a decade of civil war, Syria is experiencing an acute shortage of electricity. Even in large cities, electricity is supplied by the clock not only to residential buildings and administrative offices, but also to schools, hospitals, and kindergartens. The problem is solved by installing portable gasoline and diesel power generators, but they are expensive, and due to constant operation and low-quality fuel, they need regular repairs. Therefore, as part of humanitarian aid, the Russian side decided to start supplying social institutions with such generators.

“The units are Russian-made, made at Russian factories, their engine is simple, gasoline. A simple and reliable design that does not require any special skills,” explained Alexander Motunovsky. He added that each generator comes with a set of spare parts and tools for its maintenance. They should be enough for several years of regular operation without major repairs, even if low-quality Syrian gasoline is used.

Now the boxes with generators are stored at the Khmeimim air base, but in the near future the military personnel will begin delivering them to kindergartens, schools and other people in need social facilities in Syria.

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