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Russian House in Ankara presented a new photo exhibition

07.03.2022 150 просмотров

A photo exhibition of a Turkish researcher of Molokan life has opened at the Russian House in Ankara.

Photo exhibition of the famous Turkish ethnographer, researcher of the life of the Molokans (a Russian religious community, many of whose members lived in eastern Turkey in the late 19th-early 20th centuries) Vedat Akchayoza opened on Sunday at  Russian House in Ankara, reports corr. TASS.

The researcher, whose ancestors were Molokans, presented a series of unique personal and archival photographs taken by him in Russia, Turkey, Azerbaijan, Armenia, Canada, the USA and  ;told about the history of his family. The exhibition aroused great interest among the guests of the Russian House. Its leader Alexander Sotnichenko presentedVedat Akchaioz with a commemorative diploma and expressed gratitude for organization of the exhibition.

After that, there was a concert of a musical group from Antalya led by saxophonist Tatyana Hamarat. The Hamarat family trio of multi-instrumentalists who play several instruments (saxophone, guitar, synthesizer, drums), with great skill and enthusiasm performed world music hits in Russian, English and Spanish. The audience danced in the aisles and gave the musicians a standing ovation.

Head of the Russian House Alexander Sotnichenko congratulated all women on 8 March. These congratulations were joined by the men who were present at the concert. All the ladies received roses from the Russian House.

Molokans are Christians who did not fully share the teachings of the Russian Orthodox Church and were considered sectarians in their homeland.

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