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Russian authorities responded to the onset of coronavirus

13.04.2020 44 просмотров

Moscow is introducing additional measures to strengthen the quarantine associated with the COVID-19 pandemic.

In Russia, special software has been developed that makes it possible to track malicious violators of the home treatment regimen who have become ill with a mild form of coronavirus through a system of city cameras. It is these citizens who pose the greatest danger to others, as they create chains of infection that are difficult to detect.

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The possibility of bringing such people to criminal liability is currently being considered. Also in the capital of Russia, a permit regime for vehicles has been introduced, as analysts have identified multiple violations of self-isolation by car owners. According to the traffic police, traffic along the streets of Moscow was often so intense during quarantine days that even traffic jams formed in some places.

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Now the right to use cars will be reserved exclusively for representatives of a limited circle of professions. Also on the city streets, in addition to law enforcement forces, there were also combatants who began to check QR passes from passers-by.

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