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Russian athletes launched an icon of Jesus Christ into the sky

29.04.2020 67 просмотров

The Russian Boxing Federation decided to provide moral support to compatriots on the occasion of the celebration of Krasnaya Gorka Day and on the eve of the commemoration of the dead on the next Tuesday after Bright Week.

Athletes launched on Antipascha into the sky above Serpukhov a colossal banner with an area of several tens of square meters with the image of the icon "Christ Pantokrator" and the words of a short prayer "Save and Save!". 

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The image of the Savior was attached to the balloon . It slowly and majestically floated over the city, causing understandable excitement among Christians who were deprived of the opportunity to visit the graves of their loved ones due to the coronavirus epidemic.

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Head of the Federation Umar Kremlev suggested celebrating Krasnaya Gorka in such an unexpected and spectacular way.
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This is not the only humanitarian action of the Boxing Federation. Its members also massively distribute food packages to veterans of the Great Patriotic War and old masters of sports. In addition, the athletes purchased and distributed 500 thousand protective masks and 25 thousand liters of alcohol for disinfection to the poor.

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