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Russia is interested in expanding air links with Kazakhstan

08.04.2021 42 просмотров

The Russian Federation hopes to increase air traffic with Kazakhstan, taking into account the epidemic situation.

Russia is counting on expanding air links with Kazakhstan as the epidemic situation improves. This was stated on Thursday by Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrovat a press conference following talks with Deputy Prime Minister of Kazakhstan, Foreign Minister Mukhtar Tleuberdi.

« Today we discussed how it is most comfortable for Kazakh students to return to study in the Russian Federation, using not only land transport, but also air traffic, which has resumed, and we are interested in expanding it as the epidemiological situation calms down,” he said.

Sergey Lavrov drew attention to the fact that more than 66,000 Kazakhstani students study in Russia, half of whom study at the expense of the Russian budget. “For our part, we confirmed our readiness to accept students from Kazakhstan, access to full-time education is again open for them,” the Russian Foreign Minister noted.

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