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Russia continues to test the developed coronavirus vaccine

18.09.2020 117 просмотров

The third phase of coronavirus vaccine trials continues in Moscow.

In Moscow on September 17, a group of civilian volunteers were vaccinated against coronavirus with the experimental Sputnik-V vaccine as part of the third final phase of testing so far the only effective drug against SARS CoV 2 on Earth.

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Maria, volunteer, Moscow:

"This infection will be with us for many more months and I'm afraid , not even one year.If there is an opportunity to prevent some kind of infection - not necessarily this particular one, then this opportunity must be used.Yes, I understand that this vaccine has not yet passed all the studies, as expected, but nevertheless, it is And if there is an opportunity to use it, then this opportunity should not be neglected. 

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And for myself, I am completely safe" . 

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Elizaveta Skvortsova, Head of Laboratory, Polyclinic No. 68, Moscow:

"The vaccine consists of two components. After screening, the first component is administered. After 21 days, the second component is administered. In short, the first component begins to produce antibodies, and the second component enhances this effect. " 

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According to one of the initiators of the development of the vaccine - the Russian Direct Investment Fund - the first results of vaccination of 40 thousand people should be obtained in late October or early November of the current year.

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