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Russian publishing houses to take part in Baku International Book Exhibition

05.10.2022 ТАСС 49 просмотров

Russian stand at the International Book Exhibition in Baku presents up to 500 publications.

The products of about 100 Russian publishers are presented at the 8th Baku International Book Exhibition, which opened on Wednesday in the capital of Azerbaijan. It takes place in the largest exhibition complex of the city — the Baku Expo Center.

"Russian book publishing this year has landed here books published by 100 publishing houses of the Russian Federation. Visitors can get acquainted with 500 titles of books published by Russian publishers. In principle, we produce more than 100 thousand books a year, but we brought them to Baku is the best of the best to please our Azerbaijani readers," Vladimir Grigoriev, Director of the Department of State Support for Periodicals and the Book Industry of the Ministry of Digital Development, Communications and Mass Communications of the Russian Federation, said at the opening of the Russian stand. He expressed confidence that participation in the exhibition will contribute to the establishment of direct ties between Russian and Azerbaijani book publishers.

In turn, the Russian Ambassador to Baku Mikhail Bocharnikov stressed that the interest in Russian literature in Azerbaijan is unfading. Russian Russian is read a lot by people, there are a lot of translations from Russian into Azerbaijani. Going to any bookstore, you can see the classics of Russian literature translated into Azerbaijani," he said.

TASS correspondent witnessed the great interest of visitors to the exhibition to the Russian stand, where art and scientific literature, books about the history and geography of Russia, reference publications are displayed. Vadim Polonsky, Director of the Gorky Institute of World Literature, expressed confidence that Azerbaijani readers will be interested in the works of young Russian authors, which are presented at the exhibition quite widely. "Baku is a city looking to the future, which means that young literature, the works of young writers of Russia will go well here," he said.

It was crowded at the stand where one of the largest regional publishing houses in Russia, the Volgograd publishing house "Teacher", demonstrated its products. According to the deputy general director of the publishing house, Vladimira Deba, visitors are offered a wide range of educational aids for preschool children and elementary school students, educational games and gift editions. He said that negotiations have already been held with a number of Azerbaijani publishing houses, where ways of cooperation have been outlined.

In general, publishers from more than 10 countries participate in the Baku International Book Exhibition, which will last until October 9.

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