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Rosgvardiya told how the chekists challenged the Wehrmacht tank company

16.09.2022 Пресс-служба Росгвардии 12 просмотров

September 16, 1942 in the history of the Battle of Stalingrad is considered the first day of fierce fighting for city blocks.

This day is marked by the unprecedented pressure of Hitler's troops and at the same time by the amazing resilience of the servicemen of the 10th Division of the internal troops of the NKVD of the USSR, defending Stalingrad.

Exceptional in these events was the feat of four soldiers-chekists of the 3rd platoon of the 4th rifle company of the 2nd battalion of the 270th regiment of the 10th Division of the NKVD troops, reflecting the offensive of more than 20 enemy tanks in the Dar-Gora area.

This legendary quartet included platoon commander Junior Lieutenant Pyotr Kruglov (a native of the village of Togul, Altai Krai), Sergeant Alexander Belyaev (from the village of Novaya Talma, Stalingrad region) and privates Mikhail Chembarov and Nikolai Sarafanov (from the village of Rybinka and the village of Gusevka, Olkhovsky district, Stalingrad region). Two tanks were shot down by Belyaev and Sarafanov from anti-tank guns, one tank was set on fire by Chembarov with a molotov cocktail. Kruglov hit enemy vehicles with anti-tank grenades until he was killed by machine gun fire.

As Colonel A.A. Saraev noted after the war, all the fighters of the compound knew about the feat of this four. The divisional newspaper wrote about them, political workers and agitators told about them. They were presented to the awards posthumously.

This case seemed to alter the elementary law of war, excluding the very possibility of confrontation between four infantrymen and an entire enemy tank company. But, as it turned out, the field of war, the epilogue of this story also turned out to be wonderful, refuting another law that in such a deadly confrontation the infantrymen had to die…

It turned out that Mikhail Chembarov and Nikolai Sarafanov survived this battle: Chembarov was covered with earth, but managed to crawl out to the front line of the Soviet troops on his own. The wounded Sarafanov was captured, but soon managed to escape from him and continued the war.

In honor of Pyotr Kruglov, Alexander Belyaev, Nikolai Sarafanov and Mikhail Chembarov, streets in the Sovetsky district are named in modern Volgograd.

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