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Rosgvardiya revealed the history of a special operation of the NKVD troops

15.09.2022 Пресс-служба Росгвардии 24 просмотров

On the night of September 14-15, 1942, the 13th Guards Rifle Division (Red Army) under the command of Major General A.I. Rodimtsev landed on the western bank of the Volga, arriving to reinforce the units fighting in Stalingrad. A combined NKVD detachment covered the landing of the division on a narrow coastal strip.

The Nazis were only 150 meters from the place of the future crossing. Having seized buildings nearby and created strong points in them, they were adjusting artillery fire. A fierce battle went on all day until the chekists under the command of the head of the NKVD department, senior lieutenant of state Security Ivan Timofeevich Petrakov, mounted a counterattack. According to historians, they even managed to take possession of two guns previously captured from the retreating part of the Red Army, and direct their fire at the German spotters.

As Ivan Timofeevich Petrakov, a future major general, recalled: "Later, in February 1943, after the defeat of the Stalingrad group of Germans, we talked with a German captain who commanded an assault battalion of the Nazis who seized the railway station and rushed to the ferry. When asked why, on the night before the crossing of Rodimtsev's division, his battalion did not capture a narrow strip of the Volga coast, which became a springboard for our guards a few hours later, he replied that this operation was postponed until the morning. Having secured a foothold in the buildings near the brewery and installed rapid-firing cannons here, the Hitlerite captain considered the task of preventing the landing of Soviet troops in this area solved. According to his statement, an attack by a part of the Red Army that appeared from nowhere was completely unexpected for the Germans. He never believed that the elite soldiers of his assault battalion were knocked out of their positions not by a regular unit, but by a handful of Stalingrad chekists."

The commander of the 10th Division of the NKVD troops, Colonel A.A. Saraev, later assessed the importance of fresh forces, so important for the defense of Stalingrad: "The news was a great joy for us that on the night of September 15, the 13th Guards Division of A.I. Rodimtsev crossed into Stalingrad and entered the fighting on the same day".

The landed units of this division attacked the enemy on the move, knocking him out of the city center and from Mamayev Kurgan. And the servicemen of the NKVD troops, together with their comrades from the state security agencies, the police and the fire department, managed to do the almost unthinkable – to stop the Germans 150 meters from the Volga. Had this not happened, the very course of the Battle of Stalingrad and the main events of the Great Patriotic War that followed it could have gone differently - a more merciless and protracted scenario.

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