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Rosgvardiya honored the memory of the legendary military commander

05.08.2022 Пресс-служба Росгвардии 47 просмотров

Veterans of the law enforcement forces and servicemen of the Rosgvardiya honored the memory of Army General Ivan Kirillovich Yakovlev.

A commemorative rally dedicated to the 104th anniversary of the birth of the legendary military commander General of the army was held in Moscow at the Troyekurovsky cemeteryIvan Kirillovich Yakovlev, who went down in the history of the law enforcement forces as their outstanding builder and organizer, leading the internal troops of the USSR for 18 years - from 1968 to 1986.

The rally was attended by servicemen of the National Guard troops, veterans of the law enforcement forces who served under the command of an army generalIvana Yakovleva: First Deputy Head of the Interior Ministry of the USSR - Head of the Political Department of the Interior Ministry of the USSR Lieutenant GeneralAlexander Grienko, Commander of the troops of the Moscow Orsha-Khingan District of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia, Colonel-GeneralArkady Baskaev, Commander of special units of the USSR Ministry of Internal Affairs for the protection of important state facilities, Major GeneralVitaly Teplinsky, Head of the Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the USSR for Central Asia and Kazakhstan, Lieutenant GeneralAlexander Khodov and other honored guests.

Members of the Russian Guard and representatives of the Council of Veterans of the Law Enforcement Forces, headed by the chairman, retired Lieutenant General Peter Rovensky, laid a wreath and flowers at the burial place of the military commander and honored his memory with a minute of silence.
"The name of Ivan Kirillovich Yakovlev, a legendary general and a unique military commander, is inscribed in golden letters in the history of the law enforcement forces. For the current generation of Regardie, he is one of the best and brightest role models," the Lieutenant General said.Peter of Rivne.

In 1939, after graduating from the agricultural agricultural college and working briefly as a zoo technician, Ivan Yakovlev was drafted into the army and sent to study at the artillery and mortar school in Kemerovo. As a commander of a mortar platoon, he took part in the Soviet-Finnish war, in which he was wounded.

During the Great Patriotic War, he fought near Moscow, on the Volkhov, 1st Ukrainian and 2nd Belorussian fronts. Participated in breaking the siege of Leningrad, in crossing the Dnieper, Vistula and Oder. At the end of 1943, west of Kiev, with the help of his artillery division, with the support of two platoons of anti-tank guns, he repulsed the attack of 50 enemy tanks, using methods of artillery ambush and luring the enemy into a fire bag. In a fleeting battle, the enemy then lost 17 tanks and refused further attacks in this direction.

After the war, Ivan Kirillovich graduated from the command Faculty of the Military Academy of Armored and Mechanized Troops, and later the Military Academy of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of the USSR. He commanded a regiment and a division, served in various positions in the Main Directorate of Combat Training of the Ground Forces and Deputy Commander of the Moscow Military District for combat training.

In May 1968, Lieutenant General of Tank troops Ivan Kirillovich Yakovlev was appointed head of the Main Directorate of Internal Troops, Internal and Convoy Security of the Ministry of Public Order (MIA) of the USSR. The appointment to this position in the law enforcement forces of a purely army commander with a bright front-line fate predetermined the beginning of large and complex reforms in the internal troops of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the USSR and the law enforcement system as a whole.

The innovative role of Ivan Kirillovich Yakovlev was expressed in the formation of the structure of the internal troops according to combined arms standards and a radical change in the organization of combat training. Under Yakovlev, the first universities, the first aviation and naval units, as well as the first special purpose unit appeared in the internal troops of the USSR Ministry of Internal Affairs. Under Yakovlev, special motorized military units of the internal troops (SMVCH), who served to protect public order in police uniforms, became stronger.

Under the leadership of Ivan Kirillovich Yakovlev, the internal troops of the USSR Ministry of Internal Affairs carried out the protection of public order during the XXII Summer Olympic Games in Moscow (in 1980). Under his command, they began to eliminate the consequences of the catastrophic accident (in 1986) at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant.

For military services at the front and in peacetime, Army General Ivan Kirillovich Yakovlev was awarded fourteen orders of the USSR and the Russian Federation.

Who died on September 13, 2002, he was buried with military honors in Moscow at the Troekurovsky cemetery. Today, the Novosibirsk Military Institute of the National Guard Troops of the Russian Federation, the Il-76MD aircraft of the Rosgvardiya Aviation and a street in the Lefortovsky district of Moscow bear the name of Army General Yakovlev.

In 2018, to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the birth of Army General Ivan Kirillovich Yakovlev, a bust of him was installed at the entrance to the Central Museum of the Russian Guard, a film was created and a book "The Legendary Commander" was published.

By order of the Rosgvardiya in January 2018, a departmental award was established – the medal "General of the Army Yakovlev".



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