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Rosgvardeyts-participants of the military special operation were awarded state and departmental awards

25.08.2022 Пресс-служба Росгвардии 64 просмотров

Commander of a group of troops (forces) Rosgvardiya presented state and departmental awards to servicemen and employees of the Rosgvardiya performing combat missions during a special military operation. The award ceremony took place at the forefront.

By decree of the President of the Russian Federation, the commander of one of the military units of the Rosgvardiya, Colonel Nurid M., was awarded the Order of Courage for courage, bravery and selflessness shown in the performance of official duty. Four servicemen of the special forces of the department were awarded medals "For Courage" – Corporal Dmitry N., Arsen Sh., Roman Sh. and Private Vladimir B. Colonel Nurid M. since the beginning of a special military operation skillfully directs subordinates in the performance of their assigned combat tasks. Repeatedly, the officer withdrew personnel from under fire with multiple rocket launchers, tanks and mortars of the enemy.

Earlier, the column of the tactical group was ambushed. During the clash, Colonel Nurid M. competently assessed the situation and skillfully led the suppression of the enemy. The commander provided an opportunity to disperse, take advantageous positions for machine gunners and shooters to conduct aimed fire at enemy firing points. The attack was repelled.

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Corporal Dmitry N. during a special operation to liberate one of the settlements acted as part of an assault group. Having come under heavy enemy fire, the serviceman took the nearest shelter and returned fire. Then, changing his position, the commando destroyed the nationalists' machine-gun crew.

His colleagues also distinguished themselves in the same battle. Corporal Arsen Sh . he identified the position of the enemy sniper and destroyed him, and also hit the enemy infantry group that had left the shelter. Corporal Roman Sh . provided a stable connection with the auxiliary control point and the interacting units. In addition, the fighter successfully hit the enemy's firing point with a rocket-propelled assault grenade. Private Vladimir B. forced the enemy to leave the equipped position, hitting the window opening of the building where the nationalists were from a grenade launcher.

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While touring the combat positions of the group of troops, the commander also presented departmental awards to servicemen who distinguished themselves in performing combat tasks. The medals "For Military Cooperation" were awarded to Sergeant Alexander B., Junior Sergeant Danila P. and Corporal Maxim T, the medal "For Valor" of the III degree was awarded to warrant officers Ilya D. and Mikhail K.

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