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Rosguards congratulated front-line nurse Alexandra Chebanenko on her 105th birthday

10.03.2022 119 просмотров

Officers of the Directorate of the Russian Guard in the Tyumen Region congratulated the participant of the Great Patriotic War, the front-line medical nurse of the guard, foreman of the medical service Alexandra Vasilievna Chebanenko, who entered the Russian Book of Records as the country's oldest participant in the Great Patriotic War, on her 105th birthday. 

To the sounds of a military band, the National Guard, as well as representatives of local authorities, veteran organizations, the public, relatives and countrymen thanked Alexandra Vasilievna for her personal contribution to the Great Victory. 

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A concert was organized in the courtyard of Alexandra Vasilievna's house - her favorite songs of the war years were played . Guards foreman of the medical service greeted everyone from the window of her house and gave her smiles.

Assistant to the head of the territorial department of the National Guard for work with veterans Alexander Ivlev conveyed the most heartfelt congratulations to the birthday girl on behalf of the head of the terrorist organization, police colonel Evgeny Fedotkin, Council of Veterans and all personnel. 

“We are proud to have the opportunity to congratulate you and express our gratitude for your contribution to the victory over fascism, your experience and example masculinity, and at the same time femininity, stamina and good spirits,” said Alexander Leonidovich.

The event ended with fireworks to the sounds of the legendary song “Victory Day” and three “Hurrah!”.

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Alexandra Vasilievna Chebanenko was born on March 10, 1917 in the village of Bogoyavlenskoye, Zemetchensky district, Penza region. On June 26, 1941, she joined the Red Army and fought as part of two guard divisions on the 1st and 2nd Ukrainian fronts. 

Pulling wounded soldiers from the battlefield near Kyiv , the fearless nurse herself was seriously injured, but after treatment and recovery, she returned to duty. She participated in the liberation of Ukraine, Czechoslovakia, and met the Great Victory in defeated Germany. 

Alexandra Vasilievna was awarded Orders of the Patriotic War I and II degrees, medals "For Courage", "For Military Merit", "For the Defense of the Caucasus" and many other awards. 

On her eight brothers died on the battlefields. In 1946, Alexandra Vasilievna Chebanenko was demobilized and worked for the good of the country for many years. For more than 20 years she has worked in the North, in the Kondinsky district of Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Okrug-Yugra. After going on a well-deserved rest, he lives in Tyumen. Today Alexandra Vasilievna is surrounded by attention and care from relatives and friends.

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