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Rolls-Royce will help Japan build a new combat aircraft

04.07.2021 59 просмотров

Rolls-Royce will take part in the development of an engine for a Japanese combat aircraft.

The development of an engine for a new combat aircraft of the Japanese Self-Defense Forces, which will replace the F-2 (F-2) multi-role fighter-bombers currently in service, will be carried out with the participation of the UK. This was reported on Saturday by the Asahi newspaper.

It is noted that the project is planned to be entrusted to the Japanese aircraft corporation IHI (“I-H-Ai”) and the British company Rolls-Royce (“Rolls-Royce”) . This, according to the Japanese government, will not only reduce development costs, but also strengthen defense cooperation between Tokyo and London.

An exchange of information on the joint development of an engine for combat aircraft was held in June between Japanese Prime Minister Yoshiide Suga and his British counterpart Boris Johnson. After that, a representative of the defense department of the United Kingdom also visited Japan to discuss the details of cooperation.

The aging F-2 is an upgraded version of the American F-16 fighter-bomber. They first entered the Japanese Air Force in 2000. A total of 98 such aircraft were produced through the cooperation of Mitsubishi Heavy Industries (“Mitsubishi Heavy Industries”) and the American Lockheed Martin (“Lockheed Martin”).

Mitsubishi Heavy Industries also plays a leading role in the development of a new combat aircraft, which should replace the F-2 in the 2030s. Technical assistance will be provided by Lockheed Martin. Production of the new aircraft is expected to begin in 2031. The cost of the entire project could exceed 1.5 trillion yen ($14 billion).

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