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Robot delivers groceries to coronavirus patients in Indonesian village

17.08.2021 112 просмотров

The head is a pan, the body is from an old TV, the chassis is from a used toy car. This robot was created for entertainment in a village in East Java before the pandemic. 

But today he has a responsible mission: an Asian homemade delivers food to those who are in self-isolation due to the coronavirus, and also sprays disinfectants. 

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“Villagers came up with the concept and the university helped find funding. During the creation process, we discussed everything together, including the algorithms and electronic functions of this robot, - said Anindya Rahma Dvikahyani, a teacher at the Adhi Tama Institute of Technology.

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Since the beginning of the pandemic, it has been modified. And with new responsibilities, the artificial delivery and sanitizer has acquired a new name - "Delta Robot" - in honor of the most contagious strain of coronavirus, which has infected thousands of people in East Java. The robot itself, of course, is safe and gives the sick only positive emotions. At the meeting, he will say: “Peace be with you! Delivery on the spot. Get well soon!" and distribute groceries and basic necessities. Residents of their pet on wheels are happy to meet on the streets of the village.

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"This Delta robot is very simple," said Aseyanto, Smart Village community leader and leader of the robot project. - We made it exclusively from used and unnecessary materials that we found in our area. Our project is not a high-tech robot, but really a creation of our people.”

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The working day of the people's robot is 12 hours. That's how long the battery lasts. Members of the Smart Village community are also working with him: using a remote control, they control the movements of an artificial assistant.

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