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Road fines forgiven in Dubai

10.02.2020 58 просмотров

We are talking about diligent drivers, they received 100 percent discounts.

In particular, the bonus from the emirate police is due to those who have never violated traffic rules in a year. 

Policemen in Dubai transferred to
Many considered this a blessing. They can now safely renew their vehicle registrations as the fines have been written off.

It is worth noting that the rolling discount program, which increased by 25 percent every three months, has encouraged many drivers to obey traffic laws and be more careful on the roads. .

Recall that over the past year, the UAE government has tightened measures to combat traffic violations and significantly increased the amount of fines. 

For example, for using a mobile phone while driving, you will have to pay 800 dirhams ($217). Traveling through a red light will cost a thousand dirhams ($272). Exceeding the speed limit by more than 80 km/h will cost 3,000 dirhams ($816).

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