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Russia and Turkey signed a protocol on cooperation between the Commissioner for Human Rights

12.08.2022 ТАСС 97 просмотров

Ombudsmen of the Russian Federation and Turkey signed a protocol on cooperation for 2022-2023.

Commissioner for Human Rights in the Russian FederationTatiana Moskalkova and the Chief Ombudsman of Turkey Sheref Malkoch on Wednesday signed a protocol on joint activities for 2022-2023. Moskalkova reported this in her telegram channel.

"Signed a protocol on interaction between the Commissioner for Human Rights in The Russian Federation and the Chief Ombudsman of the Republic of Turkey for 2022-2023," she wrote.

According toAccording to Tatiana Moskalkova, the document provides for the exchange of experience in the field of legal education, a joint review of work experience on the protection of youth rights, an analysis of complaints from citizens of Russia and Turkey about violations of their rights, joint monitoring of compliance with the labor rights of citizens of the two countries and joint receptions of citizens.

The Ombudsman noted that in the five years since the adoption of the memorandum of cooperation between the ombudsmen, many joint events have been held to exchange experience and provide assistance to citizens of Russia and Turkey. "This allows us to enter new forms of work, effectively help people," she added.

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