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The residence of the South Korean presidents was opened for tourists

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The former residence of the presidents of South Korea was visited by 2 million people after its opening.

The number of visitors to the Blue House (Cheongwade), which served as the residence of South Korean presidents for 74 years, after its "return to the people" on May 10 this year exceeded 2 million people. This was announced on Sunday by the Cultural Heritage Department of the Republic of Korea on its website.

The symbolic mark "against the background of high popular interest" was overcome at 10:35 local time (04:35 Moscow time) on Sunday. The Department emphasizes that over the past year, Gyeongbokgung Palace in Seoul — one of the main tourist destinations of the Republic of Korea — was visited by a little more than 1 million people.

During the election campaign , the current president of the country is Yun Sok El promised to open the Blue House for free visits, which he called "a symbol of presidential autocracy." On May 10 — the day of the inauguration of the new leader — the promise was fulfilled. Yoon himself Sok Yel moved his office to the former building of the Ministry of Defense in the Yongsan district.

Cheongwade can be viewed after online registration. The maximum number of visitors per day is limited to 49 thousand people. On average, about 10 thousand residents and visitors of the country visit the attraction on working days, about 20 thousand people visit it on weekends. The Blue House does not receive visitors on Tuesdays.

About the Blue House

The place where the Blue House is located has been associated with the country's top leadership for a long period. In the Middle Ages there was a royal mansion, then this land became part of the garden of the royal palace. Under Japanese rule in the first half of the twentieth century, governors-general from the colonial administration lived here. After the proclamation of the Republic of Korea in 1948, the first President Lee Seung-man organized his office and residence here, his example was followed by all heads of state do Yun The juice is ready.

The complex is built in the traditional Korean style, and the name of the architectural ensemble was given by the characteristic color of the tiles on the roofs of the houses. The Blue House could be visited until May 10, but only as part of small groups with guides.

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