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Residents of the Urals prefer to rest in Turkey

18.12.2018 152 просмотров

Such data was published by the Ural Tourism Association.

According to its president, Maxim Puzankov, in the past year, most residents of the Urals Federal District (URFD) purchased package tours to Turkey. In 2018, the total number of passengers who departed from Koltsovo Airport to Turkish resorts amounted to about one million people. 

According to the expert, the almost complete absence of price increases in this direction played an important role in this. This year, the average price of a trip to Turkey was about ₽38,000, which is only 4,000 more than last year's price tag. Puzankov believes that, given the depreciation of the ruble, it is impossible to talk about an increase in the cost of tours. 
Georgia attracts
more and more Russian tourists

Vietnam, Thailand and the United Arab Emirates were among the most popular countries for holidays. It is noteworthy that Russia is among the leaders. Domestic tours continue to be of interest and have not risen in price over the past year either. This year, the cost of the package amounted to about ₽18.4 thousand. 

According to Maxim Puzankov, next year the situation may change dramatically, as a full-scale return of the Egyptian destination to the Russian tourist market is expected. This could correct demand in 2019. As Puzankov told TASS, "Egypt will influence absolutely everything."

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