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Residents of the Far East region began to vaccinate against coronavirus

15.01.2021 64 просмотров

Mass vaccination started in the Far East.

Mass vaccination against coronavirus began in the regions of the Far East, in Chukotka, with a population of about 50 thousand people. residents, almost 300 people were vaccinated. The vaccine was not delivered only to the most remote Providensky urban district, the drug will be sent there by the next flight, the district government told TASS.

“Practically all municipal districts received a vaccine against coronavirus, doctors began to vaccinate people. Almost 300 residents of the peninsula have already been vaccinated, and in total, more than 2,000 vaccines have been delivered to the region. vaccines,” said the district authorities.

Residents of Primorye are vaccinated in 12 medical organizations, by appointment. The region received more than 17,000 doses of the vaccine, until the end of February, the region will receive 90 thousand doses. In the Trans-Baikal Territory, more than a thousand people received the first application and about 400 received the second. From  18 January, vaccine batches will be gradually sent to  central district hospitals.

According to the government of the Amur Region, 15 vaccination points have been opened in the region. It is planned to vaccinate 60% of the adult population, by the end of February 47.8 thousand are expected. doses of the drug. According to the doctor of the Blagoveshchensk city hospital Elena Andreeva, people tolerate vaccination well.

In Yakutia, according to the information of the regional Ministry of Health, a large batch of vaccine is expected next week - 22,000 doses, the republic has already received more than five thousand doses. Mass vaccination in Kamchatka will begin in February, when about 16,000 vaccines will arrive on the peninsula. doses of the vaccine. In Magadan Region and Khabarovsk Territory, mass vaccination will begin next week. First of all, doctors, social workers, teachers, patients of social hospitals and chroniclers will be vaccinated.

In the Sakhalin Region, mass vaccination will begin on January 16, when more than 9,000 doses of Sputnik will arrive in the region. All those who get vaccinated will receive badges that will give them the right not to wear masks in public places. It is expected that the region will receive 20 thousand doses of the drug monthly. More than 13.5 thousand people have been vaccinated in the Eastern Military District since December. military, more than two thousand of them have already received the second component of the vaccine.

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