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Residents of South Korea for vaccination may be given a day off

16.03.2021 114 просмотров

In South Korea, they plan to give citizens a weekend for vaccination.

The authorities of the Republic of Korea will consider the possibility of providing citizens with days off for vaccination against a new type of coronavirus infection. This was announced on Tuesday by the country's Prime MinisterJeon Se-kyun at an inter-ministerial meeting on the situation with the pandemic.

"There is a need to introduce a day off to involve citizens in the vaccination campaign," - stressed the head of the Cabinet of Ministers.

He pointed out that people who have been vaccinated often experience side effects such as high fever or body pain, and therefore it is necessary to guarantee them the opportunity to have a good rest after vaccination. "It is necessary to relieve citizens of the worries and fears associated with the consequences of vaccinations, which will ensure the timely implementation of the government's plans for vaccination," said in this regardChung Se-kyun.

The Prime Minister also said that the latest data received by the authorities indicate the possibility of a new, fourth wave of the pandemic in the country if it is not possible to contain the spread of the virus until early next week. In this regard, he promised to "mobilize all the resources available to the government" in order to reduce the daily number of infections to about two hundred from the current four hundred.

On February 26, the South Korean government launched a campaign to vaccinate the population against COVID-19, announcing plans by the autumn of this year, to achieve the formation of immunity in approximately 70% of the population.

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