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Residents of Kazakhstan celebrated the 30th anniversary of the country's independence

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On December 16, Kazakhstan celebrated its 30th anniversary of independence. Only in the capital, Nur-Sultan, more than 800 events were held as part of the celebration, including exhibitions, concerts, sports competitions and much more.

The Astana Opera Theater celebrates the 30th anniversary of independence of the republic with a grandiose premiere of "Alpamys". Here the struggle of the Kazakh people for happiness, freedom and native land is sung. And although the opera was staged almost half a century ago, the new generation of Kazakhstanis sees it for the first time, moreover, in a new version.

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land, flourish". [That we strive for light, freedom, and so on. That is, it very well resonates with our holiday today," said Abzal Mukhitdin, production conductor, Honored Worker of Kazakhstan.

The well-known Russian director Yuri Aleksandrov worked on the production. He staged 20 operas in Kazakhstan and does not regret his efforts at all, since all his performances are loved by the Kazakh public.

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Even the well-known cycling team Astana-Premier Tech decided to coincide with the anniversary of their new name. The name Qazaqstan will now appear on the uniforms of the athletes and the logo.

The military also presented a gift. During training flights, the symbol of Kazakhstan, the State Flag, was raised into the sky.

In all regions these days, those who have made a significant contribution to the development of the country are honored.

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Akorda. Traditionally, awards and prizes to doctors, teachers, scientists, businessmen and officials were presented personally by the President of Kazakhstan.

Kassym-Jomart Tokayev noted that the 30th anniversary of independence is a significant milestone in the history of statehood Kazakhstan, an important milestone in its modern chronicle. Over the years, the country has come a long way, marked by great achievements and overcoming complex challenges. Kazakhstan faces large-scale tasks to further improve the well-being of the people, strengthen its sacred independence.

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Charitable events are also held throughout the country so that the atmosphere of the holiday comes to the home of every large and low-income family.

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"In December, 20,000 families across the country received food packages with a total weight of more than one million kilograms worth 520 million tenge as part of the El Teregi - Elbasy campaign from the Halyk Foundation. The food basket weighing 50 kilograms includes flour, rice, pasta , buckwheat, sweets, sweets," said Almaz Amirov, a volunteer b charitable action.

Due to the high demand for transportation for Kazakhstanis, several additional trains were launched, because the country is expected to have four days of rest.

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