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Residents of Japan would like to accelerate the pace of vaccination

21.03.2021 139 просмотров

Most Japanese believe that vaccination in the country is slow.

At least 65.6% of Japanese residents believe that vaccination in the country is slow. This is evidenced by public opinion poll data published on Sunday by the Kyodo agency.

At the same time, 28.9% of respondents believe that the authorities are doing everything necessary to carry out immunization of the population. The survey also found that about 82% of Japanese people are now very worried about the discovery of new strains of coronavirus in several countries.

The survey was conducted from March 20 to 21 on landlines and mobile phones using a random sample. The number of participants was not given.

Last year, Japan signed agreements with the British-Swedish company AstraZeneca (AstraZeneca), the American Moderna (Moderna) and the American-German consortium of Pfizer and BioNTech (Biontek ”) for the supply of drugs against coronavirus. In total, the country expects to receive 310 million doses of the vaccine.

Vaccination in Japan began on February 17, at the first stage 40 thousand local health workers were vaccinated, later this process should cover about 4.7 million Japanese doctors. At the second stage, residents of the country over 65 years of age, of whom there are about 36 million in Japan, will be allowed to be vaccinated. By May, vaccines may become available to other categories of citizens.

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