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Rescued Thai children can get a ticket to Artek

20.08.2018 166 просмотров

Following Elon Musk, the Russian side volunteered to help children from a flooded Thai cave. 

This proposal was made by the director of the international children's camp "Artek" Alexei Kasprzhak. The management of the institution is ready to accept Thai children at any time convenient for them.

“We have long-term partners there. They will definitely find this particular team and invite it. And if that party solves the logistical problems associated with the arrival, we are, of course, ready to accept the children,” Alexei Kasprzhak explained in a telephone interview with the Zvezda TV channel.

“We have a special program for each child who comes to Artek. In this sense, we do not carry out any exceptions or special actions. Whether it is a child from Thailand, USA, France or Russia. Everyone is equal for us, and we are ready to fulfill all reasonable needs related to the stay of a child with us,” added the head of the camp.

As previously reported, the invitation has already been sent, but the answer has not yet been received.< br>
Earlier "Greater Asia" is already told how the rescue operation took place to rescue 12 young football players and their coach from water captivity.  In particular, about the attempts of the American inventor Elon Musk and the SpaceX team to create a special submarine.  

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