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Republic Day of India celebrated in Moscow

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solemn reception was held in Moscow in honor of the Day of the Republic of India. The guests were congratulated by Indian Ambassador Pankaj Saran and Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Igor Morgulov.

The guests of the festive evening were ambassadors and diplomats from dozens of countries around the world, representatives of the Russian authorities, businessmen, cultural figures and, of course, those who come from a vast country with a great history. 

“This is a special day in Indian history, when India adopted the constitution. It became the basis of the progress that India has made for 71 years,” said Indian Ambassador to Russia Pankaj Saran.  

In India, Republic Day is celebrated with a large-scale parade, to which guests of honor - heads of state and international organizations are invited. This year, the leaders of the ASEAN member countries watched the grand procession in New Delhi. In addition, festive events are held throughout the country, and Indian embassies arrange receptions. 

Deputy Foreign Minister Igor Morgulov noted in his speech that India is Russia's like-minded and ally in building a polycentric and fair world order based on strict observance of the norms and principles of international law. “I wholeheartedly congratulate our Indian friends on their national day. India is our closest partner. A country that has made a fantastic breakthrough in socio-economic development in recent years. And we are very pleased with the success of our Indian friends. And together with them today we are celebrating Republic Day,” said Igor Morgulov.

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global goals of the state: “We would like to maintain a favorable international environment and make our contribution to global peace and stability. 

But the most important thing for us is  so that India can influence the situation in the world. Because we are a poor, developing country, and we would like to see conditions in the world that would help develop India and other countries like us.”

Republic Day is one of three national holidays. On the same scale, the country celebrates Independence Day and Gandhi's birthday.

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