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Red, blue and green cotton to be grown in Azerbaijan

25.10.2018 85 просмотров

New varieties were brought to the republic from China.

According to the head of the State Seed Control Service of the Ministry of Agriculture of the country, Imran Jumshudov, now the seeds are ripening in the sowing area of the Regional Agrarian Scientific Information Center of the Terter region.

Cotton picking in Uzbekistan
turned into a holiday

The head of the civil service also noted that organic cotton makes it possible not to use chemicals for dyeing children's clothes, Trend writes.

Dzhumshudov reminded that brown and light brown cotton is now grown in Azerbaijan. However, there are varieties of red, green, light pink and blue flowers.

“If the varieties already planted yield a large harvest, other varieties of colored cotton may be grown in Azerbaijan in the future,” the official said.

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