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Record-breaking cake baked in Izmir

01.10.2019 186 просмотров

The confectionery product turned out to be about 3 kilometers in length with a width of 15 centimeters.

Turkish chefs baked a giant cake as part of the International Confectionery Festival. On the third and final day of the holiday, over a thousand cooks gathered to break the world record for baking.

The composition included two tons of chicken eggs, the same amount of sugar, 10 tons of cream and other ingredients. The cake was crowned with a star and a crescent. This element was specially made by foreign confectioners who arrived in Izmir to participate in the festival.

Culinary record
set in Kuzbass

After fixing the achievements of the cake were tasted by guests and residents of the city. The previous confectionery record holder was about 2,700 meters long.

Recently, a 65-meter ghat was baked in Armenia - the largest in the world. This sweet, very popular among Armenians, also weighed decently - 400 kilograms. Almost 5 thousand people tried the treat.

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