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Reconstruction of the Bodaibo-Taksimo road completed

05.10.2018 164 просмотров

This highway is a key transport artery for the gold mining center of the Irkutsk region.

According to the regional administration, the work on the 175-190 kilometer section was completed three days ahead of schedule. The reconstruction of the highway began two years ago under the program for the development of road facilities. The cost of the project amounted to more than ₽1.1 billion. In addition, a bridge across the Telmama River was completed. Now not only ferry, but also automobile communication will be established with the city of Bodaibo. As the region's leadership noted, the completion of the construction of the highway will give a new impetus to the development of the region's gold reserves. 
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The Bodaibo-Taksimo motorway is the only road that connects the gold mining center of the Irkutsk region with BAM. In addition, northern delivery to the city, as well as to remote and hard-to-reach villages of the region, is carried out along the route. 

As previously reported, the draft state budget for 2021 plans to allocate funds in the amount of ₽1, 8 billion for the reconstruction of the runway of the Bodaibo airport. Due to the fact that the ground cover is washed away during the flood period, air communication with the region is interrupted. Part of the amount - ₽400 million - will be provided by the gold mining company Polyus, operating in the Irkutsk region. It is planned to build a new airport building with these funds.

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