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Rare Mercedes sold in Novosibirsk for ₽20 million

10.07.2019 190 просмотров

The 59-year-old convertible belongs to a local collector.

The ad states that the Mercedes-Benz W121 was brought to a Russian city from Germany 2 years ago. The car was released in 1960. 
It is noted that the car has been restored and is running. Market price plus customs.

China showed
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Mercedes-Benz W121 Roadster  - This is a car with a removable hard top. It accelerates to 100 km in 14.5 seconds. 

The cabriolet was once very popular in the US in the bohemian environment. Such roadsters were driven, for example, by singer Frank Sinatra and director Alfred Hitchcock. The announcement says that about 26 thousand cars of this model were produced. However, almost no Mercedes-Benz W121 has survived to this day, Novosibirsk reports online.  Retro Cars. Citizens were able to see 40 cars that participate in the 7th Beijing-Paris Rally. 

Only owners of cars that were produced before 1976 can participate in the rally. Ford, Morris, Rolls-Royce, Bentley, Chevrolet, Porsche cars were presented on the square in front of the Opera House. 

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