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Ramadan begins in empty Jerusalem

24.04.2020 41 просмотров

Despite the beginning of the Islamic holy month of Ramadan, there are no pilgrims in Jerusalem at all.

On the evening of April 23, after sunset, according to the religious calendar of Islam, the ninth lunar month of Ramadan began, when the streets of Jerusalem are filled with crowds of Muslims hurrying to pray at the beginning of a 30-day fast in one of the main shrines of the faithful - the al-Aqsa mosque. However, for the first time in the 1500 years of Islam's existence, the places of conciliar prayer will remain deserted due to the strict quarantine prescribed to all believers in connection with the epidemic of a deadly infection - COVID-19.

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The Eternal City was no exception, where this year, at the insistence of the authorities, only clergy. 

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"For us, local Muslims, an empty Jerusalem at the beginning of Ramadan looks tragic," says Musa Dzhugari, the owner of a local shop. "But since al-Aqsa is closed, it is clear that people do not go to the City. Jerusalem is depopulated. All this -for the coronavirus and, accordingly, the need to comply with sanitary measures."

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councils in Arab settlements themselves appealed to local law enforcement agencies with a request to ensure full compliance with the regime of self-isolation for the entire duration of Ramadan. The elders said their admonitions would not be enough to discourage locals from holding public prayers. 

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