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Qazaq Air will resume flights to Russia

13.03.2022 242 просмотров

Kazakhstani company Qazaq Air will resume flights to Russia from 13 March.

The Kazakh airline Qazaq Air will resume previously suspended flights to Russia from 13 March. This was announced on Saturday in the press service of the air carrier.

“Qazaq Air announces that all scheduled flights to Russia will be restored from 13 March 2022 and available for booking tickets through the website < a href=""> We apologize for the temporary inconvenience associated with the cancellation of the flight to Novosibirsk on 12 March 2022,  reads the company's message on the official Facebook page.

It was noted that the airline complies with all requirements for ensuring flight safety in accordance with Kazakhstani and international standards.

On the morning of March 12, Qazaq Air announced that it was suspending flights to Russia due to the lack of insurance coverage in the country's territory. Due to this, the flight to Novosibirsk scheduled for 12 March was cancelled. Passengers were offered a refund of the cost of tickets.

On March 11, the Kazakh airline Air Astana (Air Astana) announced that it was suspending flights to Russia and over its territory due to the termination of insurance coverage commercial flights from Russian Federation and in    At the same time, another Kazakh carrier —SCAT ("Skat") —informed on the same day that it plans to increase the number of flights to Russia and launch new routes in   

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