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Qatar to introduce financial incentives for civil servants who marry

22.04.2022 185 просмотров

In Qatar, the size of an interest-free loan for civil servants entering into marriages has been increased 3 times.

The Qatar Cabinet approved a resolution providing for an increase in the amount of an interest-free loan for government employees who wish to marry. This was reported on Thursday by Al-Khalij Online.

According to his information, the amount of such a loan will be increased by 100 thousand. rials (about 27 & nbsp; thousand dollars at the current rate of the Central Bank of Qatar) up to & nbsp; 300 & nbsp; thousand. rials (approximately 82 thousand dollars) for all categories of civil servants. The purpose of the decision is said to be "to encourage Qatari youth to get married".

On Wednesday, as reported by the Doha News portal, the Emir of Qatar, Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani signed a new pension law, in  ;according to which the size of the minimum pension in the country will be 15 thousand. rials per month (about $4,120).

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