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Five days of the holiday, a window to Europe, the transformation of the Shenzhen River, the birthday of the "Golden Tiger" - see "Chinese Panorama"-211

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Watch the information and publicistic program "Chinese Panorama" on the TV channel "Big Asia" (Issue 211):
  • Xinjiang Muslims celebrate Eid al-Adha
  • China-Europe Railway Express develops transnational trade
  • Shenzhen's most polluted river transformed into a picturesque water feature
  • The Internet star of the city of Dalian turned 12 years old

Xinjiang Muslims celebrate Eid al-Adha

Muslims of the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region celebrate one of the most important holidays of the year - Eid al-Adha, locals call it the Korban Festival. It lasts five days. Everyone can take part in the celebration.

Resia Asan, a resident of Khotan:
"Today we all gathered on our famous Tuancheng Street to dance together. There is such a wonderful atmosphere here: it is very lively and I see how people are enjoying the holiday. We are very happy."   

The Korban Festival is very important for the locals. Many families started preparing in advance: they cleaned their houses, bought new clothes and cooked traditional dishes, and some made wishes.

Amina Jilil, a resident of Khotan:
"I cooked watermelons, melons and many other fruits. According to our tradition, we slaughtered a sheep to cook lamb soup and cook delicious dishes. This year, my biggest wish is that my son could pass the entrance exam to graduate school."

More than ten ethnic groups across China celebrate the Korban Festival. However, unlike other parts of the country, Xinjiang recognizes it as an official holiday. More than 11 million Uighurs, mostly Muslims, live in this region. Local authorities have prepared for the festival in advance. During the five-day holidays, they created comfortable conditions for both residents and tourists.  

China-Europe Railway Express develops transnational trade

This weekend, a freight train to Minsk left the port of Shijiazhuang in Northern China for the first time. It will pass through Moscow and arrive at its destination in 13 days. The containers contain goods worth 30 million yuan. Now such trains will run once a week. 

Xie Ping, employee of the Urumqi Customs Supervision Department:
"We provide round-the-clock customs clearance and maximize the quality of work and efficiency of foreign trade enterprises."

New measures are being introduced for this purpose: so, this year the Urumqi customs began to check road transport in the new mode of "multipoint loading and centralized inspection", when several cars are loaded or unloaded at different places at the same time. 

Li Xiang, Manager of the Freight Transportation Department of the exporting company:
"Most of the goods come from Guangzhou, Yiwu and Beijing. The customs clearance regime has reduced the cost of the duty by 15-20%."

The multimodal land port of Shijiazhuang has opened 12 regular international routes that cover more than 40 countries and regions of the European Union, Central Asia and the Association of Southeast Asian Nations. 

Shenzhen's most polluted river transformed into a picturesque water feature

The Maozhou River is the largest water body in the city of Shenzhen. Over the past six years, it has transformed from the most polluted river in Guangdong Province into a picturesque place for citizens and tourists. Only locals remember what the river was like before.

Hong Yonglin, a local resident:
"It used to smell unpleasant here. This smell could be felt within a radius of one or two kilometers." 

Large-scale industrial production affected the fact that the 40-kilometer Maozhou River was polluted to blackness.

Huang Haitao, Deputy Head of Shenzhen Water Supply Department:
"Since the 90s, there has been explosive economic growth and population growth in the Maozhou River basin. More than 4.5 million people live here and about 50,000 industrial enterprises work. Due to the backlog of technical infrastructure, the tributaries of the river were black and smelled bad."

Since 2016, the city of Shenzhen has spent billions of yuan to combat pollution of the river.

Huang Haitao, Deputy Head of Shenzhen Water Supply Department:
"The work was very active. We were engaged in the removal of rainwater from sewage and the identification of sources of pollution. We increased the efficiency of wastewater treatment and built an ecological ring along rivers and lakes, improved water infrastructure."

In a very short period, more than 2,000 kilometers of a new sewer network have been built in Shenzhen. Wastewater treatment capacity has tripled and reached more than one million tons per day. Now all industrial wastewater is discharged into the Maozhou River in accordance with the national standard. 

The Internet star of the city of Dalian turned 12 years old  

The Dalian Forest Zoo in Liaoning Province celebrated the birthday of an Internet panda star named Jinhu, which means "Golden Tiger" in Chinese. Zoo staff prepared a special dish of carrots, ice, bamboo and colorful fruits for their pet, as well as a birthday cake decorated with fruits and bamboo. 

Zhong Lingxiu, panda keeper at the zoo:
"We hope that this birthday will be especially happy for Jinhu!"

The guests were happy to join an impromptu party on the occasion of the fluffy pet's birthday. Sweet treats were prepared for them as well. 

He Qi, a zoo visitor:
"Today we saw Jinhu panda eating cake. We also celebrated our pet's day with joy and ate a piece."

In honor of the holiday, the zoo staff decorated the house of a large panda and invited children who were also born on this day. In the future, they want to arrange such parties here for two other pandas popular on the Internet – Feiyun and Miaoyin.  

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