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Watch the information and journalistic program "Chinese Panorama" on the TV channel "Big Asia" (Issue 472):
  • Chinese airliner C919 (si-919) returned to test flights after the holiday holidays A high-speed railway will be built from Beijing Daxing Airport to Xiong'an New District
  • The demand for zodiac-themed jewelry has increased in China
  • The Spring Festival has become an incentive for the development of tourism in the city of Beihai

Chinese airliner C919 returned to test flights after the holiday holidays

After the end of the Spring holidays, the Chinese airliner C919 made its first test flight in the new year according to the lunar calendar. The flight from Shanghai to Nanchang became part of a 100-hour program of test flights, which will end in the first decade of February.

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Wu Jinjun, Head of the Production and Command Center of China Eastern Airlines branch in Jiangsu: "After the completion of the 100-hour test flight, the Civil Aviation Administration of China will inspect and inspect the C919 airliner to make sure that our airline is able to maintain the operation of the aircraft.
After that, we will be given a license. We intend to officially put the liner into operation this spring and use it in the most popular destinations, such as Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Chengdu."

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The large-sized passenger aircraft C919 is the first medium-haul airliner developed in China. Its first flight took place in 2017, and last year the aircraft received a certificate of airworthiness. It can carry up to 192 passengers on board, and the maximum flight range reaches 5 and a half thousand kilometers.

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A high-speed railway will be built from Beijing Daxing Airport to Xiong'an New District After the New Year holidays, construction sites across China have started working at full capacity.

The construction of a high-speed railway is in full swing, which will connect Beijing's Daxing Airport with the New Xiong'an District in neighboring Hebei Province.

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It will take you from Xiong'an to Daxing in just half an hour and 1 hour from Xiong'an to the Lize business district in Beijing. Almost a thousand workers and hundreds of units of special equipment are involved in the facility. According to the plan, the construction will be completed by the end of next year. Two high-speed trains will run by rail. It will also be connected to four metro lines, which will create the largest underground transport hub in Asia.

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The demand for zodiac-themed jewelry has increased in China

Zodiac-themed jewelry is very popular in China. This year, people are actively buying products related to the symbol of the Spring Festival - a fluffy rabbit.

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Li Yang, jewelry company analyst: "Along with the arrival of the Spring festival, there was a stir in the jewelry company.
People are buying gold! The flow of customers is getting bigger and this is a favorable sign for the entire consumer market."

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In addition to the big-eared symbol, people buy gold beads and ingots for collections or as gifts.

"I came here to buy gold jewelry for my family," says one of the buyers.

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"I bought some jewelry: a golden rabbit and some beads," says a customer - a young girl. - I believe that they will bring me happiness in the New Year. I often buy gold jewelry for my family as gifts for the Spring Festival."

According to an analyst of one of the Chinese jewelry companies, buyers of precious metals are divided into 2 groups. Some prefer to buy traditional and antique jewelry, others invest in gold.

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Li Yang, jewelry company analyst: "Since 2000, gold prices have been steadily rising.
Many will gradually increase the share of gold reserves in their assets, primarily as a protection against short-term inflationary pressure."

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Due to the pandemic, the purchase of gold in China has decreased, however, the World Gold Council has published a report stating that this year the Chinese demand for gold will begin to grow again due to the easing of antiviral restrictions.

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The Spring Festival has become an incentive for the development of tourism in the city of Beihai

The southern city of Beihai in the Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region is popular with tourists. It is located 300 kilometers from tropical Hainan and is considered a worthy alternative to the famous tourist city of Sanya. The main pride of Beihai is the Silver Beach on the shore of the picturesque Bay of Beibu, its length is 24 kilometers. In addition to relaxing on sun loungers, Beihai can offer tourists a developed infrastructure and a rich cultural program.

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Liu Changyi, Deputy Head of the Department of Tourism, Culture and Sports of Beihai City: "In recent years, Beihai has vigorously developed its cultural and tourism industry, including projects such as the New Silver Beach, the Tourist Zone of the first Port of the Maritime Silk Road, the international tourist resort of Yinji, as well as the international cruise port of Beibu Bay."

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Two thousand years ago, Beihai was one of the two Chinese ports of the Maritime Silk Road. A special tourist zone has been dedicated to this episode from the history of the city today.

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He Jie, Marketing Director of the Tourist Zone of the first Port of the Maritime Silk Road: "During the New Year holidays, we organized bonfire parties, fireworks, an immersive performance called "The Song of Water and Flame" so that tourists could feel the charm of the Maritime Silk Road in ancient China.
During the week of holidays, the number of visitors to our tourist zone exceeded 180 thousand people."

According to local authorities, Beihai City received 645 thousand tourists during the Chinese New Year celebrations. This was reflected in the loading of hotels in the Silver Beach area.

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Ying Xiao, manager of the Silver Beach Hotel in Beihai: "During the Spring Festival, we called all the staff to their workplaces to cope with the influx of guests and provide them with a comfortable and pleasant stay in our hotels."
So, in the first three days of the New Year holidays alone, the hospitality industry of Beihai city earned more than $ 70 million from tourists.

This gives confidence to local authorities in the further recovery of the tourism sector after the pandemic.

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