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The prosecutor from Jiangsu changed the font on the packages with medicines

05.03.2023 China Central Television (CCTV) 16 просмотров

It all started with the fact that the prosecutor of the Haizhou district of Lianyungang failed to see the tiny font of the instructions inside the medicine package, and he immediately thought of the elderly. 

"Being able to read the label on the packaging is of great importance for the safe use of medicines and people's health," said Hu Fang, prosecutor of the People's Prosecutor's Office of Haizhou District.

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Following the results of the fourth plenary session of the 18th Central Committee of the Communist Party of China, prosecutors received the right on behalf of the nation to initiate legal proceedings in the public interest, and the information indicated on the packaging concerns the public interests of people. Lawyers immediately started working, who talked to elderly people, local doctors, and also turned to pharmaceutical companies to offer their solution to the problem. However, the latter refused to increase the font due to a serious increase in the cost of production.

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The ideal solution was offered by representatives of three leading pharmaceutical companies of the city. They agreed to use bold font or underline the key content regarding dosage and adverse reactions to the drug. In addition, a number of pharmacies in Lianyungang began to provide elderly customers with reading glasses and magnifying lenses. Given the obvious success of the project, the Supreme People's Prosecutor's Office of China is working to spread this practice throughout the country.

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