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With the assistance of Rosgvardiya, a music video dedicated to the defenders of Donbass was shot

31.08.2022 Пресс-служба Росгвардии 36 просмотров

Performers Denis Davydov and Anastasia Vishnevskaya expressed gratitude to the staff of the Rosgvardiya for their help in shooting the music video for the song "Just Breathe", created in support of participants in a special military operation.

The recording of the video work in support of the participants of the special military operation took place in the homeland of the musicians – in Krasnoyarsk. 
The authors of the composition "Only Breathe", the spouses Denis Davydov and Anastasia Vishnevskaya, performing under the stage names "Den Davydov & NAIA", dedicated their musical work to the defenders of Donbass. 

"We dedicate our new song to all the defenders of Donbass: brave soldiers and just civilians who, by the will of fate, found themselves in the ranks with weapons in their hands," the community of musicians on the social network says. 

The recording of the video clip for the patriotic song took place in Krasnoyarsk, the birthplace of the musicians. One of the filming locations was the Rosgvardiya division. 

In addition, the director of the combat scenes in the clip in the past served in the special forces of the law enforcement forces.

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