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Indian Prime Minister to unveil new naval flag

01.09.2022 ТАСС 57 просмотров

India will unveil a new Navy flag on September 2.

India intends to change the flag of the national Naval forces, depriving it of the symbols of the times of British colonial rule. As the Office of the Prime Minister of the country reported on Wednesday, the new flag will be presented during the commissioning ceremony of the new Indian-built aircraft carrier Vikrant, which is scheduled for September 2. 

"During the event, the Prime Minister will also present a new naval flag, ending the colonial past and corresponding to the rich Indian maritime heritage," the office said in a statement. 

The current flag of the Navy depicts the cross of St. George — the national flag of England, which the authorities of India, which celebrated the 75th anniversary of independence this year, consider inappropriate. It will not be on the new flag, which will be raised on all Indian warships after the official presentation. 

The commissioning ceremony of the new aircraft carrier will take place at the port of the southern Indian city of Cochin. The ship was handed over to the Navy at the end of July. With the construction of the Vikrant, India joined a small group of countries capable of independently designing and building an aircraft carrier. 

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