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Prayer for deliverance from coronavirus held in Israel

30.03.2020 125 просмотров

Heads of different religious denominations performed a joint service in Jerusalem.

They prayed for the health of the peoples of the Earth and for deliverance from the pandemic that shook the whole world. 

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The prayer took place at the initiative of Jerusalem Mayor Moshe Lion in the municipality of the city against the background of the landscape of the capital of Israel. 

Patriarch became the participants Jerusalem Orthodox Church Theophilos III, Patriarch of the Catholic Church Pierbattista Pizzaballa, Patriarch of the Armenian Church of Noran, Costa Os Francisco Beaton, Sephardic Chief Rabbi of Jerusalem Shlomo-Moshe Amar, Ashkenazi Chief Rabbi of Jerusalem Arieh Stern, Sheikh Muhammad Kevan, Sheikh Attel Atrash, and the spiritual leader of the Druze community of Israel, Sheikh Muafak Tarif.

around the world, regardless of religion, country, nation or continent. The danger hangs over all of us, and the responsibility lies with all of us, each of us,” comments Jerusalem Mayor Moshe Lion.


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