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Potato Day will be celebrated in Uzbekistan

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The republic is planning to organize an exhibition dedicated to this holiday.

The exposition will open on March 19. In addition, the first plant in Central Asia for the production of French fries and potato flakes will be launched.

Festival of
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In a number of large countries, Potato Day has been celebrated for more than a decade. Uzbekistan will host this festival for the first time. Agricultural fairs will be held, where they will present the whole variety of potatoes produced.

It is noted that the new plant for the production of  fries were built in the Sergeli district of Tashkent. The total production capacity will be up to 20 thousand tons of finished products per year. With the launch of the enterprise, it is planned to meet the internal needs of the market and export the work.

Previously, Big Asia reported that there would be to grow Russian-Chinese potatoes. One of the joint scientific and technical projects of the two countries concerns the creation of elite planting material, the other is the processing of tubers.

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