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The Emirati Ambassador in Moscow called tolerance part of the national DNA of the UAE

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The UAE will continue to make efforts to spread tolerance in the world.

The leadership of the United Arab Emirates (UAE) will continue its efforts to spread the principles of tolerance and peaceful coexistence in the world. This was announced on Tuesday by the UAE Ambassador to In Moscow, Mohammed Ahmed Al-Jaber at a reception on the occasion of the International Day of Human Brotherhood, celebrated on February 4. The event is organized by the Embassy of the Emirates in the Russian Federation.

"The UAE leadership will continue to make efforts to spread the principles of tolerance and peaceful coexistence, mutual respect and understanding. Let us remember in the fight against global threats about what unites us, about human brotherhood," he said.

The diplomat noted that the International Day of Human Brotherhood symbolizes commitment to peace based on friendship, goodwill and peaceful coexistence. "The principles of tolerance in the UAE were laid down by the late Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan and Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan. His Highness Sheikh Mohammed Bin Zayed Al Nahyan — President of the UAE continues their work, supporting humanitarian activities and promoting the principles of peaceful coexistence. Tolerance is part of the UAE's national DNA, the legacy of our past and the foundation of our future," he said. The diplomat also drew attention to the fact that representatives of more than 200 nationalities live in harmony in the country.

The Ambassador recalled that in 2019, Abu Dhabi hosted a historic meeting of the Supreme Imam of the oldest and largest Islamic University Al-Azhar Sheikh Ahmed al-Teyib and Pope Francis, which resulted in the adoption of the document "On human brotherhood in the name of peace and peaceful coexistence."

The International Day of Human Brotherhood was established by UN General Assembly resolution 75/200 of December 21, 2020. The initiators of its adoption were the United Arab Emirates. The date of February 4 was chosen due to the fact that on this day in 2019, Francis met with one of the spiritual leaders of Muslims — Supreme Imam Ahmed at-Teyib.

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