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Plov Center to open in Tajikistan

21.02.2020 64 просмотров

A large complex for the preparation of one of the main republican dishes will work in Gissar.

The opening of the center is due to the fact that President Emomali Rahmon has announced a year for the development of rural areas, tourism and crafts in the country. Therefore, anyone in this place will be able to try pilaf prepared by the best culinary specialists of the country. It is planned that in this way guests will be able to get better acquainted with the Tajik national cuisine.

Half a ton pilaf will be cooked to< br>  Independence Day of Uzbekistan

The pilaf center will be located in the national tea house "Harbuza", made in the shape of a melon, which can accommodate over two thousand guests.

National gastronomic complexes already exist in the republic. So, in the city of Khujand, a similar pilaf center operates. A place where you can taste the best types of this dish, accommodates up to 600 guests at the same time. 

In honor of the opening of the complex in Khujand, the best chefs of the republic prepared 10 cauldrons of pilaf from 350 kg of rice.

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