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Pilgrims from other countries were unable to join the Arbaeen ceremony in Iraq

08.10.2020 107 просмотров

Arbaeen in Iraq for the first time in many years passes without foreign pilgrims.

Arbaeen's traditional religious mourning ceremonies are held on Thursdays in Iraq, and also in several countries where Shiite Muslims live. For the first time in many years, the authorities in Baghdad have banned the entry of foreign pilgrims into Iraqi territory these days due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Despite the  acute situation with the epidemic, Baghdad did not forbid citizens of the country from pilgrimage to Arbain to the tomb of Imam Hussein, located in the city of Karbala. According to the IRNA agency, black-clad Iraqis who have reached the shrine from different parts of the country are taking part in the mourning ceremonies.

At the same time, pilgrimages and events near the shrines are carried out in compliance with special regulations associated with the risk of the spread of the virus. Additional medical teams were sent to the ceremony areas. At the same time, the main measure to prevent the spread of coronavirus was the refusal to issue visas these days to Iranian citizens, who are the second largest group of pilgrims to Arbain after Iraqis.

Despite  repeated warnings from Baghdad and Tehran, hundreds of Iranians a few days before Arbain went to the Iraqi border in the hope of crossing it. Some participants in the processions made small protest actions near the border checkpoints. However, this did not affect the decision of the Iraqi authorities, and the border remained closed to pilgrims.

In Iran itself, the Arbayin are being held in the conditions of the third wave of the spread of the coronavirus. So, on Thursday, the Ministry of Health announced a new anti-record in the number of infected per day since the beginning of the pandemic - 4,392 cases. Earlier, on September 26, Iranian President Hassan Rouhani announced the cancellation of traditional pilgrimages and foot processions to Arbain in the country due to the coronavirus. At the same time, in Tehran, on October 3, the authorities decided to close crowded places, including mosques, for one week, and also to ban mass religious events.

Ceremonies dedicated to the date of mourning Arbain ("forty" in translated from Arabic) —the 40th day since the moment of the tragic death of the Imam Hussein in 7th century, - in 2020 fall on 8 October. The main event is traditionally a mass pilgrimage to religious shrines located on Iraqi territory. In 2019, the number of pilgrims from Iran to Arbain, Iraq, reached a record 3.5 million people, according to authorities.

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