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Pies for knowledge of the Turkish anthem handed out in Bursa

27.03.2019 135 просмотров

The action was arranged by a local resident Murat Turgul, who has been running a family business, a bakery, for 25 years.

The businessman started the patriotic project at the initiative of his father. A hearty Turkish burek is given as a gift to young people who recite five verses of the country's main song by heart.

“The younger generation should know the anthem of their country and understand its value,” says Murat. He noted that schoolchildren showed great interest in the action. By the way, many adult buyers also want to participate in it. Whether the pie is supposed to be the last, the owner of the bakery did not specify.

Bureks are very popular in Turkey. So, recently a festival of this traditional pastry was held in Bursa, during which they ate 10-meter pie.

The competition was held by one of the private confectionery companies at the opening ceremony of its new branch in the Osmangazi district. 10 participants tried to eat burek for a while.

Orkhan Zeydan won, who mastered a pie of 10 meters of baking. The champion received about $300 and 2 gold jewelry as a prize.

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