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Philippines to open borders to fully vaccinated foreign tourists

20.11.2021 116 просмотров

The country's authorities have previously allowed the emergency use of Sputnik V and Sputnik Light.

The Philippine authorities plan to begin accepting fully vaccinated foreign travelers from countries with a low infection rate in the near future. Bernadette Rómulo-Puyat, the Republic's Tourism Minister, said in a statement released on Friday.

The Philippine Coronavirus Interagency Task Force has "approved in principle the entry of fully vaccinated tourists," she said. from the countries and territories included in the green list”. “Admitting tourists from countries or territories where the majority of the population is vaccinated [against coronavirus] and has a low infection rate will greatly help our recovery efforts, including increasing the number of travelers,” she stressed. “The move will also help bolster consumer confidence, which is a big contributor to GDP growth.”

It is noted that only individuals who have completed immunizations with vaccines approved by the Philippine Food and Drug Safety Authority or the World Health Organization will be allowed entry. . The Philippine authorities have already authorized the emergency use of Sputnik V and Sputnik Light, as well as drugs from the American companies Pfizer and Moderna, the British-Swedish firm AstraZeneca, the Chinese Sinovac, the Indian Bharat Biotech, and Janssen, owned by the American corporation Johnson & Johnson, Sinopharm and Covovax.

The Minister of Tourism called the upcoming event a long-awaited one, as other countries have already opened their borders to foreign tourists. “Our neighbors in the Association of Southeast Asian Nations such as Thailand, Vietnam and Cambodia have already done the same,” she continued. “We think it’s time for us to reopen our borders to inbound tourism.”

In parallel, the Ministry of Tourism is going to work on creating “travel bubbles” for vaccinated tourists arriving from yellow list countries who may be able to enter the country with certain restrictions. According to data from November 12, the Faroe Islands and the Netherlands are on the red list. Meanwhile, Russia is on the yellow list.

On January 30, 2020, the Philippines, whose population exceeds 109 million people, revealed the first case of coronavirus infection. To date, the total number of people infected in the republic has exceeded 2.82 million, more than 2.75 million people have recovered, and 46.4 thousand patients have died. Almost 33 million people in the country have been fully vaccinated so far.

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