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Philippines is Miss Universe this year

17.12.2018 88 просмотров

24-year-old music theorist Catriona Gray has won the highest award at a global beauty pageant held in Bangkok.

Catriona Grey, although she represented the Philippines, was born far from here - in Australia. Her father is a Scot by origin, and her mother is a Filipina.

The girl came to her "second home" - the Philippine Islands - at the age of 18. She earned money for the flight on her own as a model.

Here she continued to work in the modeling business, while studying in the United States. At the Boston College of Music, she comprehended the theory of music.

Catriona Gray considers her main goal to be the fight against poverty in her native country. Her main focus of late has been fundraising for early childhood education, and in the near future, Miss Universe hopes to help all Filipino children whose families are in financial difficulty.

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