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Philippines develops yeast vaccine against coronavirus

31.03.2021 240 просмотров

A Filipino priest-scientist is developing a yeast vaccine against the coronavirus.

Filipino molecular biologist is developing a yeast vaccine against the coronavirus. Nicanor Austriaco of the OCTA Research Group spoke about this in an interview published on Wednesday with the ABS media group - CBC.

“We are developing two versions of the vaccine: one against the original strain, [another] against the South African and Brazilian variants,” he said. “We will test both [drugs] and we could just combine them,” said a priest who teaches biology and theology at Providence College in the United States.

He explained that genetically modified yeast creates the SARS-CoV spike protein -2 to induce immunity against disease. “We genetically engineered yeast to make the spike protein. We are now conducting trials to see how well this process is going, ”added Nicanor Austria.

The specialist plans to return to the Philippines after the lifting of enhanced quarantine and a decrease in the number of cases of coronavirus infection. His team will test the vaccine in animals at the University of Santo Tomas in Manila. “I have been a scientist for 25 years, [but] what looks good in theory does not always work in practice,” he explained. “So far so good.”

“We are still in the pre-clinical stages,” Nicanor Austriako said, noting the importance of testing. “I hope that by Christmas we will have good data, new clinical data.” According to the publication, the vaccine, which will be administered orally, can be stored at a normal refrigeration temperature, which will facilitate its distribution to various areas. The scientist's laboratory, funded by Providence College, has been researching yeast for 15 years.

The country's authorities have already approved the emergency use of four vaccines: a joint production of the American company Pfizer (Pfizer) and the German BioNTech (Biontek) , the British-Swedish AstraZeneca (AstraZeneca), the Chinese Sinovac Biotech (Sinovac Biotech), as well as the Russian Sputnik V vaccine. On March 1, medical workers in the country began to be vaccinated with a drug from the Chinese company Sinovac Biotech, 600,000 doses of which were delivered to the republic on February 28.

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