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Philippine authorities will arrest citizens for not wearing a mask

21.07.2020 39 просмотров

This was stated by President Rodrigo Duterte.

Earlier in the state, it was decided to forcibly transport patients with pneumonia, even in a mild form, from their homes to medical facilities. These measures are being introduced in order to protect the population from a new round of coronavirus infection.

“We are confident in the need to isolate from society those who, in an epidemic, do not consider it necessary to wear a mask and keep a safe distance. This is a serious crime. We will arrest so that others would not be accustomed, ”Reuters quoted the head of the Philippines as saying.

The authorities resorted to such drastic measures, despite accusations of violating human rights. Officials explained their actions by a sharp increase in the number of infected and dead from infection after the weakening of the quarantine regime in the country.

At the same time, Minister of Health Francisco Duque announced an increase in the number of tests for coronavirus from 20-23 thousand to 32 40 thousand a day. By April 2021, the Philippine government intends to increase the number of people tested to 10 million, which is a tenth of the country's population. To date, 1 million 100 thousand such tests have been done.

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