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The first Olympic Glory park in Russia will appear in Kuzbass

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On its territory there will be facilities for practicing more than 20 Olympic sports, including a 50-meter swimming pool, a reverse wave pool for windsurfing and the largest climbing wall in Russia.

The first Olympic glory park in Russia with facilities for practicing more than 20 Olympic sports will appear in Kuzbass, the head of the Kemerovo region told reportersSergey Tsivilev as part of the inspection of the construction of the largest sports complex beyond the Urals "Kuzbass Arena".

"This huge territory will be called the Olympic Park of Glory. We have received the consent of the Russian Olympic Committee for this. There are no such parks in the country, so that so many Olympic facilities are concentrated on one site, including the Kuzbass Arena, where 21 Olympic sports with a hall for 7.5 thousand people are represented. There will be gyms for each sport with their own locker rooms. There is a 50-meter Olympic swimming pool, a reverse wave pool for windsurfing, the largest climbing wall in Russia," he saidSergey Tsivilev.

According to him, the complex will also include the largest wind tunnel in Russia, Europe and the CIS countries for practicing jumps. The complex includes a hotel and a fitness center.

According to the head of the region, the area of the park will exceed 50 hectares on the banks of the Tom. The first stage of the complex will be commissioned in September of this year. Now the arches of the supporting structure of the building are fully installed in the Kuzbass Arena, the installation of metal structures, roofs, walls, stairs, communications is being completed. In the near future, specialists will start installing bleachers, elevators, interior decoration, installation of equipment.

The multifunctional sports complex "Kuzbass Arena" in Kemerovo began to be built in 2020, it is planned to be commissioned in 2022. On the basis of the Kuzbass Arena there will be a large volleyball court, a swimming pool, sports and gyms, a climbing area, a sports reserve school. The sports complex was planned to be used for local and All-Russian competitions, and it should also become the home arena for the Kuzbass volleyball club.

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